An Exciting Spin on Mother’s Day Tea!

Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition. Though we celebrate once a year, let’s face it, Mom is special every day! Our adoration runs so profoundly that even the most extravagant gifts seem inadequate to express how much we cherish her. For her part, Mom will say she’s happy with whatever we do for her on Mother’s Day. She really means it, but we can’t help wanting to do more — not because Mom is a master of the guilt trip, but because nothing feels better than making her happy.


We all want to give Mom the world when the gifts she will sincerely treasure are often creative, thoughtful, and engaging, especially those you can enjoy together. One such gift is tea.


Tea is a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, along with flowers and jewelry. Please don’t hold that against it. These are favorites for good reasons. At first blush, tea might seem simple, but there’s much to appreciate. The variety of tea is seemingly endless. The colors and textures of loose-leaf tea are as captivating as the appealing aromas. And the flavors! Delicately sweet to refreshing to bold, all nuanced in a unique character – just like your mother.


Tea is also a healthy alternative to coffee, soda, and alcohol. What better way to demonstrate how much you care than by looking out for Mom’s health.


While olive oil is our first love at Vita Sana Olive Oil Company, we’re also passionate about loose-leaf teas. One of our favorite offerings is Apricot Green Tea. This green tea from China with the delicate flavors of apricots makes a light and refreshing drink that’s popular both hot and iced. If your mom is new to green tea, this lightly flavored tea is an excellent place to start.


Another of our favorites is Bold Chicoriccino Tea. Chicoriccino is a chicory-based blend with cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and dandelion root. With a trace amount of caffeine, and smooth, roasty-toasty character, our Chicoriccino is a perfect coffee doppelgänger.


Tea alone can be a thoughtful gift, but a little effort and creativity can transform it into a delightful Mother’s Day Memory. Besides being a classic hot and iced beverage, tea can be a fun and tasty ingredient. For instance, this whimsical recipe plays on our fond childhood memories of snacks from mom, Easy Apricot Green Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears are the ultimate fun and tasty treat, but they can be high on the sugary side. This recipe offers a healthier option by swapping juice for Apricot Green Tea and sugar with honey. Mother’s Day aside, your own kids will enjoy this snack.


For a treat that’s a little hardier but still healthy, try this recipe for No Bake Chicoriccino Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars. It’s the sort of snack or breakfast treat your mom always said was good for you — which it is, but secretly she made it because she wanted to eat it herself. Now you can make it for her, but don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite – the nutty flavor of Bold Chicoriccino Tea has that effect. Its subtle spiciness is also well-suited for more savory dishes. You can continue the Mother’s Day Tea theme to the main course with this recipe for Chicoriccino Rub Steak. The deliciously spiced rub brings out the steak flavor.


Don’t be late for this very important date!

Of course, besides the marvelous tea, what truly makes any Mother’s Day concoction special is you. Why do you suppose she kept that finger painting you did for her in the 3rd Grade, Picasso. Your efforts mean the world to her. Even better is when you can both share an experience and interest. A tea party is perfect for this, like our Mother’s Mad Hatter Tea Party, scheduled for 1:00 pm, Sunday, May 7, at our Rapid City location. This celebration includes:

  • Tea served between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm
  • Three cups of tea, your choice of flavors
  • A three-course meal similar to High Noon Tea, catered by Karen A.
  • A small flower arrangement for mom to take home
  • A 10% discount on tins of tea purchased at the tea party

This “Mad Hatter” style tea party will be a fun and quirky day to remember! We encourage those attending to wear dresses, hats, and suits. Just have fun and escape down the rabbit hole. The cost per person is $30 + tax. Tickets must be purchased at Vita Sana Olive Oil or by calling (605) 721-6555.


We also offer private events like olive oil tasting sessions and classes, and, of course, tea parties. Contact us today about scheduling your tea party for Mom any time of year.

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