Kid-friendly? It’s all kid friendly.

We frequently discuss how delicious our Extra Virgin Oil Olive (EVOO) and Modena Italy Aged Balsamic Vinegar are, with flavors that run the gamut from simple to sophisticated. Often, we mention their tremendous health benefits. And, of course, we’re always going on about what fun they are for cooking. Obviously, our products are for everyone to enjoy – not only adults. There’s a lot for younger folks to love, too. So, as the school year ends and youngsters will be home for summer break, let’s put kids first with a few family-friendly options.


But let’s not rush past the health benefits to get to the fun stuff. We all know that EVOO offers excellent nutritional and health benefits for adults. Those same benefits apply to children – perhaps more so because EVOO contains necessary ingredients for their growing bodies. The monounsaturated fat (the good fat) in EVOO helps the body better regulate cholesterol and promote cardiovascular health from an earlier age. Additionally, EVOO is rich in oleic acid, Vitamin E, and polyphenols. These are great for youthful hearts by strengthening growing arteries. Also, these compounds found in EVOO promote calcium absorption for, you guessed it, stronger bones and teeth. Finally, EVOO also helps avoid constipation, which has zero to do with physical development but is still especially important.


If you’re already a fan of EVOO, you probably include it in your children’s diet. Awesome! If not, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits to their health – plus, it’s good for you, too!


As parents, we know what finicky eaters kids can be. One day, she’ll declare something is her favorite dish; the next week, she’ll hardly touch it. But adding EVOO to your child’s diet may be surprisingly easy – it might be as simple as replacing the hydrogenated or inferior-quality vegetable oils you use to fry with EVOO. Yes, EVOO does taste different, but its fresh flavor is easy to get used to. And with the variety of flavors available at Vita Sana, you will surely discover a few your kid will enjoy. Better yet, make it an adventure and bring your kid along.


Okay, so enough of the mom and dad stuff; let’s get down to the yummy part! One of the beauties of EVOO is its flexibility in cooking. It’s easy to use (we’ve got many recipes you can experiment with) but also adapts well to your kids’ favorite dishes.


Not sure where to start? Then think Italian – pizza, spaghetti, you get the idea. (Though, not to be judgmental, what were you doing cooking Italian without EVOO?)


But for a kid-centric treat, let’s turn to a childhood classic. What’s more kid-friendly than Olive Oil Peanut Butter. This ooey-gooey recipe is simple to make (with adult supervision) and features all-natural ingredients.


And what goes better with peanut butter than jam? Cascadian Wild Raspberry Balsamic Peach Jam, to be exact. We’ve already mentioned our variety of EVOO, but we also offer an incredible array of Modena Italy Aged Balsamic Vinegars. These add an almost magical dimension of flavor for children of all ages to enjoy.


All kids love soda pop. This recipe for Kid-Friendly Seltzer Soda offers all the fizzy sweetness they want without all the extra processed sugar. Oh, and it’s effortless to make!


Looking for a refreshing beverage with a bit more sophistication? Try this recipe for Wild Raspberry Champagne Cocktail. Simply replace the Champagne with non-alcohol sparkling grape juice for the kids. Or make a separate, full-octane batch for the grownups when you’re ready for a break from the kiddos.


The ingredients for these recipes and more are available in-store. And again, a big part of the fun for kids is participating in sampling at our tasting bar and even picking for themselves.

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