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Mild Intensity measure


This is an exquisite delicate Portuguese Chiquitita. This uncommon variety is a cross between the classic Spanish Picual and Arbequina varieties. It is sweet, mild and creamy, with beautiful almond notes. There is no bitterness and it has a delightful fruity finish. This variety is sure to please the palate!


Country of Origin – Portugal

Crush Date: November 2018


*Biphenols: 193.2ppm                  *FFA: 0.14

*Oleic Acid: 68.6                                 *Peroxide: 6.3

*DAGs: 97.5                            *PPP: <1.0

*Squalene: 5,110.3                    *A-Tocopherols: 292.0

Fruitiness: 4.0  Bitterness: 3.0 Pungency: 3.3




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Weight N/A

200 mL