COLE & MASON Duo Oil & Vinegar Dispenser



The Cole & Mason Classic Oil & Vinegar Pourer gives you the best of both worlds in a single pourer. Bring a modern sense to your dinner table with its stainless steel spout and neck. The body is made of a durable borosilicate clear glass. There is a 14 fluid oz. capacity for oil and 1.5 fluid oz. capacity for vinegar. You can ealisy switch between oil & vinegar with its adjustable head. Style, durability and dependability have been built into every Cole & Mason product since 1919. Count on Cole & Mason to give your table a touch of class!

  • Oil & Vinegar Pourer: This duo bottle pourer holds 1.5 oz. of vinegar and 14 oz. oil capacity
  • Dressing Dispenser Set: Stainless steel spout and neck rotates to switch between oil and vinegar
  • Oil Bottle for Kitchen: The separate spouts and drip return systems mean no cross contamination
  • Vinegar & Oil Decanter: The durable borosilicate glass body has a wide neck for easy refilling
  • Seasoning & Spice Tools: Cole & Mason continues to place seasoning at the heart of the kitchen
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