Wild Fernleaf Dill


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Tremendously aromatic and smooth, our herb infused Fernleaf Dill Olive Oil is pleasant on the taste buds with a flavor reminiscent of authentic Mediterranean cooking. Fernleaf Dill kinda stole the regular dill’s thunder as it is actually more flavorful and robust. This medium-bodied olive oil compliments rye bread beautifully and is amazing when added to hummus and pita bread. You can use this wherever you typically use the fresh herb! We find this to be delightful as a bread dipping oil with a few red pepper flakes. Aromatic and fresh! 

  • Refreshing in cucumber salad
  • Fantastic with broiled fish
  • Superb with chive mashed potatoes
  • Impeccable with grilled salmon
  • Mix with mayo or yogurt for a chip dip
  • Perfect in tzatziki sauce

Pairs well with Sicilian Lemon, Traditional, Suyo Cucumber, Oregano.



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