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Fresh sprigs of wild rosemary are crushed with sun-ripened olives to create this full-bodied, aromatic fused olive oil. Sure, fresh herbs are amazing, but our Rosemary Fused Olive Oil really stands out as a superior year-round option. Convenient to stir into tomato or cream based soups, or drizzle liberally over freshly baked bread. Toss with any summer produce before firing up the grill! A popular flavor profile for lamb and pork dishes, this fused olive oil pairs wonderfully with our Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar.

  • Use as a dip for fresh baked focaccia
  • Splash over fingerling potatoes before air frying
  • Brush on paninis or wraps before pressing
  • Marinate chicken or pork for grilling or roasting
  • Lovely when paired with lamb
  • Superior with salmon

Vinegar Pairing Recommendations: Traditional 18-Year,Pomegranate, Oregano, Sicilian Lemon, Strawberry, & Honey-Ginger.

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