Green Smoothie

Makes 2 smoothies This smoothie is a great way to start off your morning and an easy way to eat those nutrient packed greens! Try using different fruits that you have on hand. In my experiments, peaches and maple syrup are the perfect match for kale.

Grilled Tuna with 3-Herb Chimichurri

Herbed Pasta Salad

Herbed Aioli Pasta Salad

Cool salads are a perfect summer side or a simple main dish. One of our favorites is this Herbed Aioli Pasta Salad. It is packed with chicken and peas making it filling on its own or as a crowd pleasing side dish for a picnic or BBQ. Make ahead: You can make the salad a day ahead of time and keep it […]

Chicken & Herbs Sheet Pan Dinner

Black Garlic Linguine

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Grand Duke’s Nectar

Rum, Cognac and black tea merge seamlessly in this refreshing drink.

Rosemary Lavender Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Blood Orange Fudge Brownies

Crispy Baklouti Potato Croquettes

Italian Herb and Olive Oil Roasted Potatoes

Apricot Gummy Bears

Easy Apricot Green Gummy Bears

Gelatin-based chews originating in Great Britain in 1909, wine gums (which contain no alcohol, despite their name), like generic gumdrops, Jujubes (1920) and Chuckles (1921), predate Riegel’s dancing bears. Gummy Bears are the ultimate fun and tasty treat, but they can be high on the sugar side. In this recipe, we offer a healthier option […]

Chocolate Balsamic Whipped Cream

Maple Balsamic Feta Chicken with Lentils

Rice Krispie Treats

Peach Tart with Sweet Almond Oil Crust

Raspberry White Balsamic Prosecco Aperitivo


Espresso Beef Jerky

Wild Fernleaf Dill Salmon & Veggies

Shrimp with Coconut Balsamic Vinegar

Tuscan Chicken Stew

Praline Sweet Potato Casserole

Praline Sweet Potato Casserole

Avocado, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad

Tasty and colorful blend of textures and flavors make up this filling salad. This is a great salad for packed lunches as it stays firm all day even with the dressing on it.


7 Easy Steps to Making Gingerbread Apple Butter Thumbprint Cookies

Two favorite fall flavors combine in these perfectly spiced gingerbread cookies with a velvety-smooth caramel apple butter center.

Hot Toddy

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