Valentine’s Day – Just Fondue It

February. We have persevered through the frigidity of January. Yet the long haul to the end of Winter remains. Then into the heart of this stretch from New Year’s to the beginning of Spring strikes Cupid’s arrow. February 14 – Valentine’s Day! Maybe it is our wistfulness for Spring’s renewal. Or perhaps it’s our fondness fueled by snuggling close on those frosty nights. Whatever the reasons, the annual celebration of love and romance couldn’t be timed any better. When you think about it, one day isn’t enough to show our affection for one another – why not take the whole month of February to say “I Love You.”

There are as many ways to wish your darling a Happy Valentine’s Day as there are types of love. For your crush – you could go cute and cuddly with balloons and a teddy bear. Or, perhaps, chocolate and roses are the classy choices for your companion. Those are fine to start, but the best way to your beloved’s heart is through the stomach – that is, let’s be honest, aside from diamonds or a sports car. But even when an extravagant gift is the star attraction, a delicious meal is still a must-have. And at Vita Sana, we have precisely the ingredients for the perfect, intimate dinner for two.

Let Extra Virgin Oil Olive (EVOO) Be Your Wingman

When it comes to romance, Extra Virgin Oil Olive (EVOO) has you covered. For one thing, the word “romance” originated as a story authored in Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. And the ancient Romans loved olive oil. They used it for medicine, hygiene, and food (For more on the history of EVOO, check out last month’s article.) They also regarded olives and olive oil as aphrodisiacs. Though today the olive branch symbolizes peace, the olive tree was also an emblem of fertility for some ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Symbolize aside, delicious EVOO adds a touch of romance to any meal. Visit our website’s recipes section for numerous options, but if you desire to raise the temperature of your Valentine’s dinner even more, let’s talk hot oil! No, naughty, get your mind out of the gutter. We mean olive oil fondue.

Olive oil fondue was especially popular during the 1960s and 1970s but has since become a romantic dinner classic. Small bits of meat, such as beef, lamb, pork, fish, and seafood, are skewered, then plunged into a pot of hot oil to cook. While simplicity and variety are part of fondue’s attraction, watching the tidbits sizzle makes it fun – and anticipating the next delectable morsel can feel downright sexy.

Yup, olive oil fondue is hot, both figurative – and literally! Please remember to be safe – Seriously, a trip to the emergency room for severe burns will spoil Valentine’s Day forever. That said, olive oil fondue is easy:

  • Cube (one-half inch) or thinly slice one to two pounds of meat, seafood, or vegetables. Season to taste; however, if you’re using one of our flavored oils, consider letting the oil work its magic.
  • Add 2 to 3 cups of our EVOO or one of our Fused or Infused Olive Oils in a saucepan or, even better, a fondue pot you picked up special for the occasion.
  • Heat the oil to around 375°. Our high-quality oils can take the heat, while other lower-quality oils may begin to smoke and burn at lower temperatures. Even so, be careful not to overheat the oil to the point where it begins to smoke.
  • Thread 1 or 2 bits of food on the ends of lightly oiled skewers.
  • Careful place the skewer morsel into the oil and cook until done – usually 1 or 2 minutes. With fondue, you can eat as you go, but remember to let the bite cool before popping it in your mouth.

That’s the basics. However, there are many variations you can find online, and we encourage you to do so. When it comes to pairings with our Flavored EVOO, we have a few recommendations:

Trying to figure out what suits your sweetie? No problem! Let us know, and we’ll find something to match any taste.

Make It A Double Date with Balsamic Vinegar

EVOO only seems to get most of the glory regarding romantic cuisine. But what would Romeo be without Juliet? Or Elizabeth Bennet without Mr. Darcy? Han without Leia!?

Our love potion formula includes another essential ingredient – Our Modena Italy Aged Balsamic Vinegars. They are great in salads and entrees. They’re even excellent in cocktails (after all, wine is practically vinegar’s cousin.) However, Balsamic Vinegars are epic in a romantic dinner’s grand finale – Dessert. Seal the deal, or should we say meal, with a dessert featuring our version of flowers (Lavender Balsamic) and chocolates (Dark Chocolate Balsamic.)

You can find this match made in heaven of high-quality EVOO and Modena Italy Aged Balsamic Vinegars at Vita Sana Olive Oil Co. We offer these as well as sampler packs with both on our online store – – or in-store.  Since Valentine’s Day is about getting personal, why not stop in one of our store locations in Rapid City, SD, and Casper, WY? There you can sample our offers for yourself. Oh, and be sure to bring your sweetheart – you two make a cute couple!

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