Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Recipe for Success with Extra Virgin Oil Olive

This year on New Year’s Eve, millions of Americans will resolve to improve their lives in 2023. While some goals involve careers, money, or personal relationships, most resolutions are health-related. We want to eat food that’s better for us, get more exercise, and lose weight. However, keeping these promises to ourselves might prove challenging, so any “extra” help is welcomed. When it comes to eating better, “Extra” Virgin Oil Olive (EVOO) can be a big help in meeting your New Year’s health resolution.

Huge Health Benefits.

EVOO is good for you! It’s one of the few things nutrition experts seem to agree on.


EVOO is rich in good monounsaturated fats, especially oleic acid. Oleic acid reduces inflammation, boosting heart health. In fact, EVOO is well-regarded for reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Oleic acid may also interact beneficially with genes essential in cancer prevention.


EVOO is also packed with phenols, a chemical rich in antioxidants. Like oleic acid, antioxidants fight inflammation. They also defend blood cholesterol from oxidation which may lower the risk of heart disease. Additionally, studies have linked antioxidants to preventing major chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. And EVOO may even be effective for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.


And because EVOO is cholesterol free, it is the ideal substitute for saturated fats, significantly reducing your “bad” LDL cholesterol.


All those phenols and oleic acid lend EVOO one non-health-related benefit – its high smoke point. EVOO is a more flexible cooking alternative to fatty oils that harm flavor by burning at lower temperatures.


Flavor Saves The Day.

EVOO has tremendous health benefits, but you may need more than those reasons to focus on your goal to eat better in 2023.


What makes sticking to a resolution tough are the sacrifices. Often, it is easier to take up something new than to give up something you enjoy.


Fortunately, with EVOO, you don’t have to forgo delicious flavor – far from it – because olive oil tastes terrific!


And at Vita Sana Olive Oil, you will discover an endless assortment of EVOO, flavored, and specialty oils that are sure to satisfy your taste. Plus, you’ll have fun exploring new favorites by taste sampling in-store. You’ll find it easy to stay motivated with so much to try.


For many people, EVOO, with its health benefits, cooking properties, and flavor, isn’t simply a replacement for fatty oils but a must-have in the kitchen. In addition, it pairs nicely with other healthy ingredients, especially fresh vegetables, compounding nutrition and taste!


If living a healthier life is your New Year’s resolution, eating better is essential. But it’s only one of the crucial ingredients. Equally important are being active and treating yourself right. No, EVOO can’t exercise for you. Nor can it force you to get to bed earlier (wouldn’t that be nice.) However, it may boost healthy behavior. You will feel good using EVOO – not only from knowing it’s good for you or because it tastes fantastic – but because cooking with it is fun and engaging. When you’re cooking, you are being active. While not the same as a trip to the gym, the satisfaction from trying a new recipe might put you in a happy mood – which may motivate you to go for that workout. Or it may relax you, so you sleep better. Possibly both.


We hope EVOO can play a role in fulfilling your health resolution and living to your fullest. Even if making a New Year’s resolution isn’t your thing, we encourage you to take advantage of the many benefits of EVOO any time of the year. Here’s wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2023!


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