Gravenstein Apple


The Gravenstein Apple is an incredibly hard to find varietal due to the difficult farmers have cultivating it. In addition to contending with a very finicky tree, it’s also not an apple that travels well, so is best enjoyed during it’s short season. It’s prized for it’s amazing ambrosia perfume and crisp, sweet, tart, cream colored flesh.

Take your taste buds on an apple orchard tour with the tart, crisp, and refreshing taste of our Gravenstein Apple. A rustic and succulent apple from northern California, the Gravenstein apple is often hard to find due to the short growing season and the sometimes overly stubborn trees that produce the fruit. This sweet concoction is excellent in cabbage slaws, summery cocktails, and autumnal salads. Bake this Gravenstein Apple Balsamic into apple crisp, swirl into cinnamon streusel, and sprinkle into summery fruit pies for a sinfully fresh taste.

  • Perfect with pork tenderloin
  • Pair with apple kielbasa and fresh veggies
  • Apple muffins and homemade applesauce
  • Decadent on ice cream and gelato
  • Showered over butternut squash and sweet potatoes
  • Dash on cottage cheese and fresh fruit bowls
  • Apple Balsamic Glaze anyone?

Olive Oil Pairing Recommendations: Persian Lime, Blood Orange, Eureka Lemon, Cayenne, Cilantro & Roasted Onion, Tuscan Herb.

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