These Father’s Day Gifts Are No Dad Joke.

Father’s Day, June 18th, is nearly here. But this year, instead of another set of tools (come one, how many hammers does one man actually need!?) or yet another kitschy “World’s Greatest Dad!” doodad (pun intended), try giving him a gift he will genuinely enjoy. But what? What do you get the man who has everything? He already has your respect and adoration; what more could he hope for? Vita Sana has a few suggestions.


Dads might seem simple, but if you’re close to your pop, you probably know there’s more to him than meets the eye. His tastes might seem set in stone, but if he’s a tinkerer (like most dads seem to be), you know he also likes to experiment. So, we’ve come up with a few gift ideas that put a spin on dad-themed favorites.


Quick! Name a food and drink every Dad loves. The correct answer is coffee and beef jerky. It’s high time his two favorites meet up, and we have just the recipe: Espresso Beef Jerky. Our Espresso Dark Balsamic Vinegar adds just the right amount of perk and richness of a cup of joe. This aged balsamic is also good with other dishes. Add a shot to a tall mug of vanilla gelato scoops covered with coffee for an affogato float. It also makes a fantastic pork, beef, or chicken barbeque base.


Speaking of barbeque, we all know how much dads enjoy playing with fire — on the grill. We offer a vast selection of aged balsamic vinegar, ideal for marinades and glazes. Also, our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are great for grilling. There are so many potential flavors you will definitely discover your father’s new favorite. Better yet, bring him along to our store to taste for himself. Yes, we know how ol’ Dad feels about shopping, but this is one trip to the store we promise he’ll enjoy.


Dad likes grilling so much that he would cook everything with fire if he could. And who can blame him! Sadly, not everything plays nicely with open flames. Fortunately, our Olive Wood Smoke Olive Oil can lend smoky goodness to almost anything. No phoniness here – our smoked olive oil is all-natural with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or refined carrier oils. The flavor of olive wood smoke is similar to oak. It is commonly used for grilling fish, poultry, meats, and vegetables in Andalusia, Spain. Dad can brush it on grilled meats and vegetables. He can use it in potato salad. He can take it inside, drizzle it on pasta, and stir it into chowders. He can even coat raw almonds, cashews, and pecans and bake them for a healthy, nutty snack.


And you know how Dad likes to snack. And he wants his snacks just how he likes his dad-jokes — corny. Popcorn! But with a few Father’s Day twists. First, he’ll need the right tool. So give the microwave a rest and bring on the hardware with this Open Fire Popper. This unique popper works on campfires, grills, or fireplaces. The long handle telescopes out for maximum comfort while popping. Imagine springing this on him on the next camping trip. Now that he has the right equipment, your Dad deserves the best ingredients. So say goodbye to lessor-quality vegetable oils, and say hello to tasty, high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Be adventurous with our many fused and infused olive oils to choose from. Or you can play it safe with a surefire favorite like our Butter Oil Olive. No matter the choice, you can feel good about giving Dad a snack with EVOO’s health benefits.


One last idea, and it’s another thing Dads love to cook with (besides fire) – Garlic powder. Here’s some fatherly wisdom: our garlic powder can fix up almost anything! Is your chicken bland? Throw on some garlic powder. Unimpressive salad dressing? Garlic powder. Besides being the ultimate not-so-secret ingredient, it has many health benefits, including boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and preventing blood clots.


You can shop for these and many other Dad’s Day gifts at our online store or one of our physical locations. He will more than simply appreciate your efforts but will actually enjoy the present because, you know, your Dad is always saying, “Well, I hate to see it go to waste.”


And if you are a father reading this, do your family a solid and share these gift ideas with them. They’ll love you even more for it. So much so that you shouldn’t be surprised if you also get that “Universe’s Best Dad” coffee mug. Admit it, you want that, too.

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